I am replacing the VCLWebGMaps with the new one FNCGoogleMaps.

How can manage Submarkers in the new map system?



Unfortunately there is currenlty no equivalent available for Submarkers in TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in the future.

As an alternative you can try using Marker Clusters instead.

Cluster is an alternative, but how can get the list of markers and its label contained in the cluster when click on it?

In VCL map you can explode the ray markers


When the ZoomOnClick property of a Cluster is set to True, the map will auto zoom to display all markers inside the Cluster.

You can also programmatically iterate the Markers collection and check for each Marker if it's Cluster property is assigned to the Cluster that was clicked.

All the markers has the same coordinates, so they are overlapped and only one visible!

Another question:

The VCLMap has a method for switching to street view: SwitchToStreetView and the opposite SwitchToMap

How can i get the same functionality with FNC Google Maps?



  • This is indeed a limitation of Marker Clusters.
    We'll consider adding support for Submarkers in a future version.

  • Programmatically toggle street view is not yet available in the latest TMS FNC Maps release.
    This feature has been added internally and should be included with the next update.

Thanks Bart for the reply, I will look forward to the new version!



Happy to help!

Is SubMarker support still on the table for FNC Maps? Without it I'm still not able to completely move over to FNC Maps from VCLWebGMaps.


Hi Rhett,

Unfortunately we have not been able to allocate sufficient development time to add submarkers in TMS FNC Maps due to other ongoing projects.
However, the feature is still on the planning for a future version.