FNC Maps & Timezones

I assume FNC Maps (using Google maps) handles Timezone requests - although I don't see an equivalent to the TWebGMaps's WebGMapsTimeZone component in the FNC Maps package? If so, which component handles these requests?


Unfortunately support for TimeZone requests is currently only available in TMS VCL WebGMaps.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in TMS FNC Maps as well.

Ok, thanks Bart.

Thinking about this, I had purchased FNC Maps assuming that it would have, at the very least, the same features as WebGMaps, so I was disappointed that a significant feature was missing. I hope that TimeZone requests will be catered for in a reasonable period of time, so that I can use my FNC Maps package as soon as possible. Thanks for your attention.

Thank you for your feedback.

I understand the expectation to have this feature available in TMS FNC Maps as well.
We've decided to put support for TimeZone requests on the planning for the next TMS FNC Maps release.

Please note that TMS FNC Maps was built from scratch with a completely new architecture. The focus was on providing the choice to use one of multiple mapping services while providing cross-platform and cross-framework support. Since the initial release the product has been receiving regular updates that include new features as well as requested features from TMS VCL WebGMaps and another update is already in development.

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Understood. Many thanks for your rapid actions.

Thanks for including this in your latest update.

One question: can geodesic polylines be drawn in FNC Maps? I can't see any reference to that in the Developers manual. Also, it's not clear which event should be used for drawing markers and polylines; I use OnDownloadFinish in WebGMaps.


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