Marker overlays not showing/hiding in clusters

In TMS FNC Maps we must use OverlayViews. "This is a heavily improved equivalent of the Marker Labels functionality in TMS VCL WebGMaps". However, OverlayViews don't support all behaviour of Marker Labels. E.g. when using Clusters, the marker icons are shown/hidden when zooming in and out. Marker Labels did the same. Unfortunately the OverlayViews don't. So when using OverlayViews with Markers, clusters are useless because the OverlayViews always stay visible, even when the marker icons disappear. There is no event I can use to detect a visibility change. How can I fix this?


We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.


Thank you for your suggestion.
The OverlayView behavior has now been improved. If an OverlayView is connected to a Marker, the OverlayView will be hidden automatically when the Marker is not visible because it is inside a Cluster.
The update will become available with the next TMS FNC Maps release.

Note: I'm not sure how you were using MapLabels in TMS VCL WebGMaps as this limitation could also be reproduced there.