FNC Maps Questions

Thanks for including the Time feature in the latest update.

A couple of questions: can geodesic polylines be drawn in FNC Maps? I can't see any reference to that in the Developers manual. Also, it's not clear which event should be used for drawing markers and polylines; I use OnDownloadFinish in WebGMaps.



Geodesic is currently not available, we'll see if we can expose a property. If a property is exposed, this will be available in the TTMSFNCGoogleMaps descendant component. You can use the OnMapInitialized event to know when the map is properly initialized to start adding markers & polylines.

Thanks Pieter, look forward to that.

A couple more questions:

  1. I can't set the color of a polyline using the following code:
    var pl: TTMSFNCMapsPolyline;
    SetLength(ary, 2);
    ary[0] := CreateCoordinate(LatD, LongD);
    ary[1] := CreateCoordinate(LatA, LongA);
    pl := TMSFNCGoogleMaps1.AddPolyline(ary);
    pl.Color:= clRed; <----- Undeclared identifier Color
    //Polyline.Geodesic := true; //Coming
    pl.Visible:= True;

  2. How can I get the Marker Title to display permanently ie, without having to click the marker?


  1. I see pl.StrokeColor:= clRed works but not pl.color:= clRed as per the manual.
  2. Should read: How can I get the Marker Title to display permanently ie, without having to move the cursor over the marker?


I don't see the code snippet where pl.Color is used? Can you elaborate on that?
To display a permanent popup, you'll have to use ShowPopup instead. The marker title is not permanently visible.

You're right, I can't see that snippet in the manual either! I must have been confusing it with WebGMaps where the code is valid. Apologies!

Yes, I'll use ShowPopup as you suggest.

Thanks Pieter.

Thanks for the feedback!