Polygon Labels

Hi TMS Team,

We need to display optional description for polygons and markers - 
something like "text label" that may be On/Off by user from GUI.

TMS GMaps support both marker labels and polygons labels / we used it for GM customers.
OS Maps supports only polygon labels, so we use extra "polygons + text" to add labels to markers. 
This worked for OS Map customers.

FNC maps polygon doesn't have "LabelText" property.
So how in this case we can show Polygons, Polylines, Markers description in  FNC Maps?

Thank you
from FNC maps doc:
>>Popups are informative messages that can be shown anywhere on the map...
Yes, this function may be used: AddPopupToMap; as workaround 

the only problem in our case that we need to sync Lon/Lat for popup and marker for 100-1000 fast moving objects. vs. GMaps - where label is linked to marker.

if polygon labels can't be added, I'll use popups approach. no problem.



There are currently no labels support in v1.0 There are a few technical issues between various map services regarding labels that we plan for one of the next major updates. You can use the popups if you wish, which are more or less the same as labels except they can be hidden. As soon as we allocate time, we'll investigate what we can offer in terms of labels.
Hi Pieter,

Thank you for clarification. Understandable. I'll use popups for now. That's fine.

From my POV, there are many use cases when it's very important to show not just Markers, Polygons, Polylines ("graphics") but object description as well, which is linked to base object.

If supported (in the future) this would allow to use powerful TMS Maps for many new tasks.
It could be cars, ships, airplanes, people...

Kind Regards,
Oleg K


Yes. It is our plan to have TMS FNC Maps as a solid base first and afterwards add additional features such as labels, among other things. The key here is to make sure that each feature works on each service. Exceptions will be added to a descendant class like we did with TTMSFNCGoogleMaps
Hi Pieter,

We use TMS GMaps and TMS OS Maps, and now switching to FNC Maps.
The ideal solution was in Google maps: customizable marker labels and marker anchors

for "tracker" style applications, which display thousands of markers and hundreds of polygons
- automatic labels display is very important.

also, would be nice to have a "layer" property / string (display filter). which allows to hide / show specific objects only without deleting and then re-creating them.

Thank you.

Thanks for the input, we have added this on our todolist, and are currently investigating the possibilities.

ok. thank you Pieter.. 

could you provide approx. ETA for new FNC version (with map re-init / launch).

We aim for Tuesday next week

Any update on this one? How to add polygon Labels.

We currently focus on other areas, and will keep this in mind. There is currently not support for polygon labels because of various differences between the map services. As soon as time permits, we'll look into this.

Hi Pieter,

In the FNCOpenlayers polygons can be labeled at the center, the questions are:

  1. How to implement such or any snippets/samples are available?
  2. Can we have that at FNCGoogleMaps also?

Hi Eric,

Details on polygon labels for TTMSFNCOpenLayers can be found in the PDF manual:


Please note that Polygon/polyline labels for TTMSFNCGoogleMaps are on the planning for a future release of TMS FNC Maps.

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