Still problems with WebCore

There are still problems with WebCore and so far no help at all!

1.) I want to be able to call in another page from WebCore, I can't see that anywhere?!

2.) The WebTimer component only work first time loaded JAVA later code and the timer is dead !

3.) The THTTPrequest actions does not work, if I am lucky one might work sometime.

4.) IE does'nt work at all, Opera, Firefox and Chrome works mostly in that order

So I wonder

1.) When is there coming a command to  change pages ?

2.)  When will there be an update and debug of the WebTimer

3.) When will the THTTPWebRequest be overhauled ?

4.) Has anyone else same experience with IE ( Edge ) 

I would appreciate any reaction at all or tip?!

  1. Please define "call in another page". You can use Application.Navigate() to navigate to another web page. There is the multiforms demo if you refer to showing different forms.

    2. I cannot see an issue with TWebTimer and there are no known issues with it.
    Test: drop a TWebTimer & TWebLabel on the form and add code:
    procedure TForm1.WebTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
      weblabel1.Caption := timetostr(now);
    and this shows the running clock.

    3. Please define "does not work"? There are no known issues. The demo shows the use of a TWebHTTPRequest to retrieve JSON data and I cannot see a problem.

    4. The demos at do run in Internet Explorer here, and Edge and Firefox and Opera and Safari and Chrome...

THANKS for the tip with the Application.Navigate..

Loads of problems dissapared when I converted system for that!
ONE problem still exists, that is that any page I go to will be a popup??
I don't want popups at all! I want a clean page change
Any idea how this can be achieved ?

Opera and Chrome works just fine now.

FireFox truncate graphics data for some reason ?

IE does not work at all ( but that matters less )

I have mainly used WebTimer for this application....

If you can or anybody else have a tip on how to not get a popup effect but instead a clean page transfer I would appreciate it a lot!!



Application.Navigate(url, ntPage) if you want the page to appear in the same browser window.

I cannot see what exactly is going wrong for you with a TWebTimer. There are no known issues with this component. If somehow a problem persists, please provide a sample source project + detailed steps with which we can reproduce the problem here.

Thanks, I will try this out.

Yes, I will test all of this and come back later..
The huge difference for me with this system is that I am writing the server from the ground up.
So I can't rely on a standard web server, this is nothing but special all the way..
Regards Bosse