Sticky Main Menu ?

I have used the sticky popup menu a few times and it works well.

Is there a way I can have this functionality for the main menu?

At this moment this behavior is only in the TAdvStickyPopupMenu.
I'm not sure how you expect this to behave for a TAdvMainMenu?

I have several apps that could use it.  The most common case for me is where I have an options or view menu that often needs several items changed.  Having to reopen the menu on every click is somewhat of a pain.  I already use the popup version for selecting grid columns and users really like that.

We have investigated this and we did not find a way to achieve the same effect from the  TAdvMainMenu. This TAdvMainMenu descends from TMainMenu and this builds on the standard Windows main menu that does not permit such 'sticking' menu. A possible alternative could be by building something like the toolbar based menu (see Office 2003 toolbar demo) that consists of buttons as menu root menu items and uses a popup menu per root menu item button and this could most likely be replaced by a TAdvStickyPopupMenu.

Yes, that was my thought too.  I was trying to save space and the conventional menu takes up less room.