Advtoolbarmenubutton Menu

Would it be practical to add support for using either a Advpopupmenu or a vanilla Tpopupmenu in conjunction with AdvToolBarMenuButton? The reason I am requesting this is that I am using advtoolbars in an app with vcl styles (Luna) and TMSStyles (the luna-like style) and I want the popup on the dropdown menu on the button to be properly styled (using the VCL-Styles-Utils library). I could achieve this if a TPopupmenu could be used with the tadvtoolbarbutton. I do recognize that an Advglowbuitton could be used on the toolbar and that the advglowbutton can use a Tpopupmenu, but I don't like the bordered appearance of the glow button.

I understand if this is too specific to my needs or impractical to implement.

Actually, it turns out that using an AdvGlowMenuButton with transparent := true essentially gives me what I need -- the appearance of an AdvToolBarMenuButton but the ability to use a TPopupmenu. Request withdrawn. Thank you!