TAdvTreeComboBox can't be used as a control item of AdvStickyPopupMenu

When a menu item of AdvStickyPopupMenu is a TAdvTreeComboBox , even when placed inside of a Panel or a GroupBox and having set the menu item control to this Panel or GroupBox, the whole AdvStickyPopupMenu hides when the AdvTreeComboBox drops down.

We will investigate but this might be a non-trivial situation.

Use demo ASG69, place a new AdvTreeComboBox, and add a stickypopupmenu item pointing to it.
No need to add data. Just run and click the item dropdown arrow.

Yes, but I informed that technically this will be far from trivial to support this particular combination.

I've read it as if you meant there should be non-trivial situation with the controls used in my form. That's why I tested and suggested using an existing simple demo.

Now I understand the non-trivial situation referred to solving it. :man_facepalming:t2: