TAdvStickyPopupMenu - hierarchy


Is it possible to create a hierarchy in the TAdvStickPopupMenu?
I cant find any way to create a submenu?


Sorry, unfortunately at this time, there is no built-in support for submenus in this specific component TAdvStickyPopupMenu.

Any sign of sub menus being possible yet?

I'd like to use the sticky popup menu for other reasons, but need to have recent files listed as sub menu items.

We had so far no more requests for this from other users and also it is technically not clear how this should work.
How do you expect this to behave. Should the submenu(s) also be visible always? If these submenus should also be always visible, then in situations, different submenus could overlap for example ...

For my immediate use case, that menu item and it's sub menus would not be sticky as once the file is chosen from the MRU list it would close. I can't think of a case where sticky sub menu items would be desirable.

Part of the reason I was looking at this component was the buttons header. Those buttons do need to be sticky items so the user can see the (page zoom and rotation) adjustments in real time.

It's a complex requirement that some menu items need to be sticky (root items) and others not (child items). Maybe a solution is to build the root items with always visible controls like a panel or button and connect a regular popup menu to these to show the sub menu items from?

I ended up going a different way as the buttons header didn't work for me as well as I'd hoped. Thanks for the suggestions though.