Prevent Advmainmenu from Taking Focus

I am creating Visual Studio style editor in which forms containing an advmemo can be either docked or floated. I am using advmaimenu and the problem is that clicking the advmainmenu will take focus away from the floating window. This question is essentially identical to one that was asked on Stackexchange ( with respect to using stock Delphi components but I want to be able to use advmainmenu and the solution on StackExchange does not seem applicable. 

How can I prevent AdvMainMenu from taking focus from a floating window?

Do you use the TAdvMainMenu directly on a form or connected to a TAdvToolBar on a TAdvDockPanel?

I use it directly

In that case, the behavior should be the same as for a standard VCL TMainMenu. In this usage, all that is done in TAdvMainMenu is custom painting, but behavior itself is not changed.

If I did connect Advmainmenu to a Tadvtoolbar on a Tadvdocpanel is there a way to prevent the menu from taking focus? The problem with putting the menu on the toolbar is that it won't style like a menu -- it will look like a toolbar -- is there a way to get the toolbar's background color to automatically display the colors that a TAdvMainMenu would display with the same style setting?

There is currently nothing built-in in TAdvMainMenu or TAdvToolBar that would prevent the parent form to become active window and get focus.  When using the TAdvMainmenu with a TAdvToolBar, the intention is to look like Office 2003 style main menu with dockable toolbars. This is by design.