I use the MassageDialog and create two buttons on it. If  I use this dialog in my program and drive with the mouse from the backround of the massagedialog to a button then i can see a flickering on my screnn in the massagedialog. Is there a way to stop this?

Thank you for any help.

We have retested this with our latest version but we could not see such problem here. Do you see this issue in our demo?


my version of the TAdvSmoothMessage is Today I install the newest version of the TMSSmoothControls Pack. After the install the version of the TAdvSmoothMessage is still On the hompeage I've read that the latest version is How can I get this version?


Are you sure you first did a complete uninstall?, The latest version we have in our distribution packages is
Please search your system for old versions of this component and reinstall the latest smooth controls pack.

If you could send us a sample that demonstrates this flickering, we can investigate this here.

Scheldeman Pieter


ok I uninstall smooth controls pack. But now I have a outher problem! I want install the new version of the smooth controls pack. And every time I get this massage:

<!--if gte mso 9>

Cannot load package ‚TMSSmoothControlsPackPkgD2010. It contains unit ‚AdvStyleIF,‘ which is also contained in package ‚GridPackd20‘.

In my project I use the Gridpack too...and then I unistall all...the gridpack and the smoothpack and try to install booth things new. But now I cant use nothing. Always this massage. I built booth Package this is not a demo...but every time i get this massage...I am littel desperate.


If you have the registered versions of both TMS Smooth Controls pack & TMS Grid Pack, the steps to install both packages simultanously is described here: 

[QUOTE=Bruno Fierens [/QUOTE]

Interested in the description, I wonder, is there a typo in the link. Got message Not found here

Sorry, there was a small typo, correct URL is:

Why do you install the bpl-files in different places instead of either commonuser&lt;compilerversion\bpl or <usernam>&lt;compilerversion>\bpl?

Now my PATH statement is filled to the rim with lots of path names for the different component packages and BDS 2006 can't start anymore because there is no space to load the entry where the path to the common place is stored.

See my other epost.

Ok...I have install alle the tings and follow the describtion. The discribtion works and alle things are install. For example if I use a SmoothButton or the Grid it works! But if I use a Smoothlistbox, there is a error:

TAdvSmoothListBox = class(TCustomControl, ITMSStyle, ITMSOfficeHint)

[DCC Fehler] AdvSmoothListBox.pas(1045): E2003 Undeklarierter Bezeichner: 'ITMSOfficeHint'
[DCC Fehler] AdvSmoothListBox.pas(1994): E2003 Undeklarierter Bezeichner: 'IsEmpty'
[DCC Fataler Fehler] Unit1.pas(7): F2063 Verwendete Unit 'AdvSmoothListBox.pas' kann nicht compiliert werden

What is the problem?

Could you verify if the AdvHintInfo.pas file is present in the source directory of the TMSSmoothControlsPack?

The ITMSOfficeHint interface is declared in this file.

Yes the file AdvHintInfo.pas ist present in the source directory!

I give you some more informations. I try for example the timline this works too. I open the AdvHintInfo. pas and I find this source:

  ITMSOfficeHint = interface
    procedure GetOfficeHint(PT: TPoint; var HintInfo: TAdvHintInfo);

If I start a program withe a SmoothListbox. Then is a error in the SmoothListBox.pas:

TAdvSmoothListBox = class(TCustomControl, ITMSStyle, ITMSOfficeHint)

The massage is: ITMSOfficeHint: Undeclared identifier.

I can't understand the error.

Ok I found the error! In The GridPack is a AdvHintInfo.pas too! But without the ITMSOfficeHint. I delete the AdvHintInfo.pas at the GridPack, and now it works!

Yes, if multiple packages are installed, it is common that shared units interfere with eachother. The solution would be to rename the files, but that would only give us more support. If there is an issue in such a file we would have to repeat the process for each file for each component that uses this file.