UAdvGridExcelExport / UAdvGridExcelImport not know


I installed the VCL Componenten Pack, FlexCell and VCL Chart.

When I try to compile my old project (developed by Delphi XE2 and TMS-Components) I get the error:

[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] TExcelExportUnit.pas(8): F2051 Unit UAdvGridExcelExport wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von AdvGridWorkbook.TAdvGridWorkbook compiliert.

When I tried to install FlexCell the installation fails (I tried it for many times). But I installed it manually.

Is someone knows the error an dcan tell me, what I have to do?

Many thanks

I forgot to tell, that the units UAdvGridExcelExport, UAdvGridExcelImport in the uses statement are marked like not known.

From this description, it appears you need to have TMS Grid Filters installed as well.

Hi Bruno,

you are right and I tried it before. But I did not mentioned it.

I downloaded the last version. When I run the setup, I get the error that TAdvStringGrid is not installed. But it is, the componenten pack is installed and runs.
When I ignore the error, I get an error at the end of the installation after compiling.

When I try to install the packaged manually, I can not compile it by the following error:
[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] AdvGridExportFilters.dpk(39): E2202 Package 'TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE12' wird ben?tigt, konnte aber nicht gefunden werden

I deleted all TMS Components before, installed only the component-pack and the FlexCell to check if it will work - without success...

What can I do?

TMS Grid Filters has been updated to work now with the new TMS VCL UI Pack that replaces TMS Component Pack.
So, please update to TMS VCL UI Pack and then you can install TMS Grid Filters.

More info:

I installed FlexCell manually and afterwards I run the setup from TMS Grid Filters. It was done without errors, so I have the hope, that it will work.

But when I open my project, I get the error, that class TAdvPage is not found. If I ignore the message it looks like that the Ribbon is not availabe and all Objects on the ribbon give me an error while I try to compile the software.

I did not read something about the TAdvPage in the migrate.txt file. 

Can you support me?
Many thanks 

I get the message "class TAdvPage not found" when I try to create a new TMS Office 2010 ribbon application, too.

Make sure ALL 5 TMS VCL UI Pack packages are listed AND active (checked) in the IDE under Component / Install Packages.

You was right. One was not activated. 

Now it works and my largest projects runs!!!

Many thanks!