AdvSmoothComboBox and ShareMem

AdvSmoothComboBox and ShareMem are not compatible.

Just make a simple project, put AdvSmoothComboBox on the form and use ShareMem.
When selecting an item from the dropdown list, AV happens.
Without ShareMem the project runs fine.

AV happens here:
destructor TAdvSmoothListBoxItem.Destroy;
      FOwner.SelectedItemIndex := Max(0, Min(idx, FOwner.Items.Count - 1));


Are you using the latest version of the component? We're not aware of any issue with the latest version.

??? Why

Anyway, I have this problem for long time.


1) we DO NOT see any problem with the latest version
2) no other user reported a similar problem with the latest version

Ok, may be I misunderstood...

Did you really try do what I've suggested???
Just make a simple project, put AdvSmoothComboBox on the form and use ShareMem.
When selecting an item from the dropdown list, AV happens.
Without ShareMem the project runs fine.

it's 3 minutes work.
If you are not able to do this by yourself, here is the project:

Please send me your working project with exe.


We support our components in a standard Delphi environment. It is beyond our normal support services to investigate possible interactions with other 3rd party software. As explained, in a standard Delphi environment, we cannot see any problem with the component and we have no other similar problem reports.

ShareMem is NOT a 3rd party software, it IS in a standard Delphi environment.
See the file ShareMem.pas in RTL\SYS folder:

{ *********************************************************************** }
{                                                                         }
{ Delphi / Kylix Cross-Platform Runtime Library                           }
{                                                                         }
{ Copyright (c) 1995-2005 Borland Software Corporation                    }
{                                                                         }
{ *********************************************************************** }

unit ShareMem;

I'm asking you 3rd time - DID YOU TRY?
Just say Yes or No, please.

Yes, I DID TRY !

Download the test project:

Are you kidding???!!!

This is project WITHOUT ShareMem (which IS PART OF Delphi).

I know it works without SharMem (which IS PART OF Delphi).

Did you try WITH ShareMem (which IS PART OF Delphi)?

Sorry for bold and red, but I don't know how else to explain you, looks like you are not listening at all.

So, short conclusion:
1. You agree that AdvSmoothComboBox is not compatible with one of Delphi's units (ShareMem).
2. You don't care about that and not going to fix that.


The project IS compiled WITH ShareMem!

The ShareMem unit is in the uses list of the form.

Other than this, you SHOULD NOT falsely accuse me!

Your conclusion is as such completely incorrect.

ShareMem must be 1) a first, and 2) in the project uses.
But you put it 1) not as first, 2) not  in the project uses.
It's why I didn't see it in your project., sorry about that.

Anyway, your exe crashes immediately on 2 testing computers.
When I put ShareMem on the right place, I was able to run the program, but then I saw exactly the same problem what I've described in the first post.

Sorry if I insulted you, I suggest to calm down and try to solve the problem. I hope you can help me with that.
Now I'm going to play with different versions of borlndmm.dll and will let you know then.

I moved ShareMem to project level:

program Project1;

  Unit1 in 'Unit1.pas' {Form1};


and this still works without issues here. I can select an item from the combobox without errors.

The problem solved!

I had an older version of the borlndmm.dll file in the Windows\System folder.
On both computers!
After removing this file, everything works fine, programs now take the right version of borlndmm.dll from the Delphi folder.

Still a little mystery left - why I didn't have any problem even with the wrong version of borlndmm.dll for a long time? First and only problem what ever happened - with AdvSmoothComboBox.
But definitely I can not blame AdvSmoothComboBox anymore.