TAdvToolBarPager not repainting Caption

I cant change TAdvToolBarPager.Caption.Caption.

Actually I can change it, but the Caption is not repainted.

As You can see caption is updated
but not repainted

Last Time I can change the caption is in Form's OnCreate or OnActivate event.

Delphi Xe4, Latest Library revision

Thank you for help

How exactly can this be reproduced?
I retested this with creating a new Office 2016 app from the Delphi wizard and added the code:

procedure TTMSForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  advtoolbarpager1.Caption.Caption := 'New caption';

and this updates the form caption without issue.


Problem is for some reason here:

Ribbon.Caption.OnChange := CaptionChange;

procedure TForm1.CaptionChange(Sender: TObject);

Well, if you block  the OnChange handler, that can indeed be a side effect that it is not automatically updating. I have no idea why you block the OnChange handler, but if there is a reason, you will need to invoke the repaint of the ribbon caption yourself at application level.

My mistake. It was trying to figure out, why I cannot  set indent of Caption, when I add QuickAccesToolbar and forgot to remove this part of code.