Advtoolbar Issue

Buttons and separators placed on a captioned toolbar are obscured by the toolbar caption when the toolbar is set to fullsize.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Drop AdvDockPanel on form
2. Add an Advtoolbar to AdvDockPanel
3. Set Advtoolbar.fullsize := true
4. Add a button to the toolbar and given the button a caption
5. Give the toolbar a caption and set advtoolbar.showcaption := true
Result: Button is obscured by the caption

Comment: problem is related to advtoolbar.fullsize; problem goes away when advtoolvar.fullsize:=false

When AdvToolBar.FullSize = true, this is designed to appear like a TMainMenu root menu item strip and in this case, just like there is no text on a TMainMenu background, it is not designed to show a caption text.