Script Error on going back to web app by browser back button (only on iPad)

Using WebCore with Delphi 12 I encounter the following problem: From app1 (a sort of menu for other apps) app2 is started (by Application.Navigate). Wenn using the browser back button to return to app1, it works on Chrome on PC and on Safari on Mac (that means, app1 is re-loaded correctly), but with Safari on an iPad (iPadOS 17.2) the screen is blank and this error shows up:
When looking into the debug console, it says:

SyntaxError: Can't create duplicate variable: schemaOrgTypeDomain

I can't find this variable in the .js file...

Anyone an idea? Afaik the browser back button can not be disabled, but how can I achieve a correct re-load of my app when using this button?

Meik Stoll

Without further details, I'm afraid it is not possible to guess what exactly is causing this.
What I could find about this error:

Do you use any external JS libs?

In app1 (the "menu") I don't use external libraries (only pure WebCore), and in app2 I use only

as an external library.

I looked around the internet, but it seems not to be easy to track this error down to the real cause.
So my questions are

  1. What's the "best practice" to navigate between several WebCore apps?
  2. Can I detect or disable the usage of the browser back button?

Meik Stoll

  1. Application.Navigate()
  2. You cannot block the back button but you can define its behavior through routing: