Strange behaviour of Safari on iPad and Mac


Using latest TMS Web Core with Delphi. I have app1 and app2. app1 is able to "call" app2 bei using the Application.Navigate() function. This works. But after navigating to app2, when the user uses the "back"-button at the browser toolbar, app1 gets visible in its latest state, but not responding.

Now the strange thing: I tried to debug this by activating the developer tools (console log): When the developer tools are open, the "back" button works like a refresh on app1 (so app1 works again). When the developer tools are closed, the "back" button works like simply going back to the latest state of app1, where it does not respond.

Any hints or ideas on this?

Kind regards,

I have no idea what is causing this.
Is this happening with just any app1 or is your app1 doing something specific?