IPhone and back button


I'm looking for a way to disable the forward and back buttons which appear at the bottom of the iPhone screen when using Mobile Safari. Does anyone know if this is possible?



I don't think it's possible to disable the forward/back buttons.
However you can hide the address bar and the forward/back buttons by running your web application full screen (when started from an icon on the home screen).

Hi Bart,

Unfortunately starting from a desktop icon is not an option for me.

I had reasonable success in the desktop browser by inserting these lines in the master template file:

      <meta http-equiv="Expires" CONTENT="0">
      <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" CONTENT="no-cache">
      <meta http-equiv="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">   

        <script language="JavaScript">

But they don't seem to have any effect at all in mobile Safari.

How do other people deal with this problem (ie the user clicking the back button causing the previous screen to be displayed but without changing the status of the application)?

Hi Tim,

As this is a general IntraWeb question, maybe you can try posting a message on the Embarcadero IntraWeb forum?