Screen not sliding down after keyboard hides

I have built an application very similar to your model agency sample for iphone.
Everything is okay on my main form except when run in full screen mode on an iphone.
When I change a IWComboBox or enter text in edit control, the keyboard slides up and pushes the screen up as it is supposed to, but after it slides back when clicking the "done" button, the screen stays in the same position.

I cannot see any difference in settings between your sample and mine and yours does not do it, so I was hoping you can point me in the right direction.

One more thing, If I open another form (from this main form) and then release it to return to the main form, it works perfectly from that point on until I start a new session.

Hi Michael,
I had something similar. Are you using the latest version of IntraWeb? That at least solved it for me (I'm now using test-release v12.2.11).

Best regards,

Thanks so much Stefan,
Yes I was on 12.2.8 and going to 11 seems to have fixed that problem.