Screen Flash

I evaluated using version 10 and bought and upgraded to version 11 yesterday.

The app I created has 3 iPhone regions and I use the IPhone Menu to select between them.

In the v10 version the screen repaints with the proper region brought forward.  No browser total repaint.

In the V11 version (same code, just recompiled) on the IphoneMenu selection the whole page is blanked and the screen redrawn.

Async menu select doesn't work at all, the 2 and 3rd regions don't get brought forward.  Have to use the normal OnItemclick.

Any ideas on what it might be?

Hi Mark,
I guess you will have to use the OnItemClick and then set the "ActiveRegion" property of TIWIPhonePageTransition - unfortunately you don't have the sliding effect then.

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I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please try calling Invalidate on the IWiPhoneRegion controls to make sure they are getting updated after an async refresh?

    TIWIPhoneRegion1.Visible := true;

Hi Mark,
I ran into the same issue. In order to get rif of it completely removed the PageTransition component and change the regions manually. Check my post here for more details:

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Sorry, now as a link: