TIWMemo covered by iPhone keyboard

Since iOS7 it seems that when a TIWMemo component is near the bottom of the screen, the Safari iPhone keyboard covers the memo when running in fullscreen, instead of pushing the screen up so you can still see the memo whilst typing. If I use the previous and next keys on the keyboard to move to another text box and back to the memo again it behaves properly after that. 

You can replicate this by dropping an TIWIPhoneStyle on a form and setting to Fullscreen.
Add a TIWMemo component near the bottom of a TIWIPhoneRegion and run in fullscreen.

I have tried 7.04 but it makes no difference. 

I am on IW 12.2.20 and the latest iPhone controls set.


It seems like this could be an IntraWeb related issue rather than an issue with the TMS IW iPhone controls.
Have you been able to reproduce this with using only default IntraWeb controls?
If so, please contact Atozed software for further assistance.

Thanks Bart.

No it is only when I use an iPhoneStyle and set it to fullscreen.
I can send you a test app if required but it is very easy to replicate.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample app that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?