Rounded corners for PhoneMenu.Indicator

Another challenge with the PhoneMenu:
In your sample the Indicator on the PhoneMenu shows up with rounded corners. When I enable an indicator in my on app it comes up as a square.

How can I change that?

Thanks a lot & best regards,

By design the indicator is always rendered with rounded borders.

However, it depends if the browser you are using has support to display rounded borders or not.
The IWiPhoneMenu was specifically designed for iOS Safari which supports rounded borders.
Can you please let me know which browser (name/version) you are using?

I understand. I check my apps with MobiOne (www,

Strange thing is: it works when I compile your sample and shows a square when I use mine. That is why I was asking for setting. This leaves me a bit puzzled...

Are you using any custom CSS, JavaScript, HTMLTemplate or DocType?
Have you tried to disable these?

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.
You can send samples to

No custom CSS, JavaScript, HTMLTemplate or DocType at all!

I will send sample code within the next 24 hours.