RichEditor, printing stretched images


we have the following problem, which we expired in the FMX Richeditor and in the FNC Editor (Demoversion):

We add an Image to the RichEditor.

Afterwards we change the size of the image inside the editor (by mouse).

Exporting the document to PDF (TMSFNCRichEditorPDFIO1.Save('richeditorexport.pdf')), the image will be shown in the correct size (stretched).

If we print the document (TMSFNCRichEditorPrintIO1.Print) the image is shown wrong (not stretched, in the size it was originally added to the editor (bevor it was stretched).

How can we print the document showing images in the same size like they are shown in the Editor.

Thanks in advance


We were not able to reproduce this problem on our system.
As you an see both give the same result (top is pdf export, bottom is with the print export).

I've first added the first line of text, pasted a large rectangle.
The bottom line is the width that the square had originally.
And then resized the image to the width of the top line.

thank you for your fast reply.
The problem occurs not when resizing to a smaller size, it occurs when resizing from original to a bigger size. Could you please check, if you get the same problem, when resizing bigger?
Thanks and have a good day.