TMSFNCRichEditorPdfIO Images are cropped

The TMSFNCRichEditorPdfIO is cropping images in the pdf. I can´t find an option to set image Scaling in the options.

Is there a way to tell the component to scale the images to the width/height of the exported pdf?

The images are exported as-is, with the dimensions respecting the text. Could you provide a sample code snippet in which exporting images is not working as expected?

Hello Pieter,

sorry for the late response. I´ve created a sample-project which imports a simple HTML-File with a Screenshot of my Desktop. The HTML-File was created with the RichEditorPDFIO.

My Problem is the Image that is for some reason moved to the right and is also cropped on the right side. Would it be possible to set the width of the image in the editor so it doesn´t get resized to the width of the exported pdf-document? (2.3 MB)

Are there any news on the topic?

We applied an improvements. Next update will address this.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Do you have a rough timeplan on when i can get this update?

Before April 19

OK, perfect thank you :slight_smile:

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