High DPI problem with FNC grid

See picture below. The selected row sizes ok, but the others are too small. What´s wrong here?
Compiled with Delphi 11 and latest TMS updates. Scren is set to 150%.

Thank you!

Did you go from 10.4 to 11, or start a new project? Can you verify the PixelsPerInch setting in your form file? You can open the DFM file with notepad. When setting this to 96, can you verify what happens when opening the form? Alternatively, did you modify font settings in runtime?

I did go from 10.4. to 11. I did not modify the font at runtime. This FMX btw. DPI is not in the FMX:

Left = 0
Top = 0
Caption = 'nut.s Rezept - Schnittstelle v0'
ClientHeight = 962
ClientWidth = 1010
Fill.Color = xFFF0F0F0
Fill.Kind = Solid
Position = Designed
FormFactor.Width = 1440
FormFactor.Height = 900
FormFactor.Devices = [Desktop]
OnClose = FormClose
DesignerMasterStyle = 0

FMX does not have high DPI support for now. We have only added high DPI support in VCL. The form scaling should automatically take this into account however, no scaling should be applied. We'll investigate this here.

What can I do to have the grid behave ok? The other components behave ok.

Thank you!

We will investigate this here.


We have investigated this here and couldn't reproduce the issue. Did you change fonts programmatically, or in the style? Can you reproduce this in a new sample project?

Finally found the culprit. The columns font settings were set top 6 instread (default). My fault. As soon, as I changed this to (default) the font scaled accordingly.

Sorry for the confusion!

No worries, thanks for confirming!