FNCListbox, Change to High DPI and component has wrong fonts

System Delphi 11.1 with Patch 1 and the newest TMS components

I have made some forms on a 1920x1080 / 100% resulution monitor.
Now, I change the development sometimes to a 3840x2160 / 150% resulution system.
My forms are ok, but only the FNC Components not. In this the TTMSFNCListbox.

See picture. (Listbox "Felder" und "Funktionen" are too big)

Formular-Desinger/High DPI Settings:
It doesn't matter if I use automatic or fixed 96 PPI

Is here a bug?

Thank you,

It's with VCL. We also want to partially use the code in Webcore.


I was not able to reproduce this issue on our local machines.
If you drop another TMSFNCListbox on the form does it have the same problem?

I have to do a test project first so that my originals don't break. I can't do that anymore today, but I will do it in the next few days.

Here is the same screenshot again in a resolution of 1920x1080 / 100%
You can see that everything has been adjusted correctly except for the two list boxes

I have made a small test.
1920x1080 with 100%
New VCL project
Delphi / Options /High DPI : Low DPI (96 PPI)

TForm - Font Segoe UI, Size 10
take TEdit, 3 times, 121 x 25
take TTMSFNCListbox, change ItemAppearance Font to Size 10, width to 121
Header also size 10


close Delphi

change Resulution 3840x2160 with 150%

all width are the same
the Delphi TEdit changes the Font to Size 7, then FNCListbox not

not save

close Delphi

change Resulution 1920x1080 with 100%

everything ok again

change Delphi / Options /High DPI : Automatisch (Bildschirm PPI) /? automatic (Screen PPI) I don't know the english translation

save and close Delphi

change Resulution 3840x2160 with 150%

now all elements appear to be correct

the edits have a new size: 182x36, but the font is still 10

TTMSFNCListbox behaves the same as TEdit

BUT, this is not the case with my existing forms.
I don't know where the difference is..

Works FNC only in mode: High DPI automatic?
In the last Delphi version there were problems when the setting was set to automatic.

Another hint. My components are on a frame not a form.
Does that have an impact?

and when I go into DFM text mode and back, the font in the TTMSFNCListbox keeps getting bigger and bigger

And now is weekend.


We're very sorry for the late answer. It seems that I didn't get your replies on this topic in my inbox.

We found the issue and have implemented a fix.
This will be available in the next update of the TMS FNC UI Pack.