Reading database updates

Hello TMS,

I'm trying to put the data modeler to good use to track my database changes between versions now. But of course the modeler does not have the database features like IbExpert or Sql Manager for Firebird. So my "normal" way to work with my database would be to make the changes in my database (i.e. new fields and adjusting a trigger and stored procs) and test them and when it's done they go into the data modeler. 

But I don't find any option to read the changes into an existing project, so everything has to be manual. Would it be useful to create a temp project the same way you read the initial database and then make the compare between the current model and the temp project... or something like that. I, of course, don't know your internal structures, but I guess many developers would find that useful. 

another thing is the syntax highlighting (at least for my firebird project), the comments starting with "-- " are shown as code, that's confusing :p

Thanks in advance for considering the idea :)


oh.. another "nice thing to have" :

I know that i can just type into the procedure list box a name and it starts looking for it, but only from the first letter on. It would be very nice to have a combo (for previous searches) or edit at least where to type and the list below will be filtered, not just the cursor displaced. 
This also removes the problem if you make a small pause while typing and then the search instantly starts new

thanks :)

Hi Helge,

Thanks for the suggestions. If it's ok for you, I'd kindly ask you to register your requests in the feature request system:

Done.. thank you very much

Hi Wagner, Helge

I really need this update feature also. it is neccessary to have an update diagram, table in Data Modeler while we are develope our projects.

Also, upvote for 2306: Update from database schema already.