Updating database


this program looks exactly what I need, but ...

(we used Apex SqlDiff before)

some feature is miss is updating or comparing the schema to a database link. When developing you constantly need to make adjustments to the schema, and the the versioning tool gets rapidly out of date...

And because you can import a database scheme from an existing database, and you can compare versions, it might be the easiest solution toimport a version into the project versions tool. This way you can easily create a new update-script for the database. It would be super if there would be a 'sync connection' option.

And a tip: scan all dfm's for outdated fonts :)

Best regards,

Hugo Logmans

We have just added this feature to our todo list. We will release a new Data Modeler version very soon, maybe it will not be included in that release, but for sure will be included in the one after that.

I'm talking about a feature "import into current model", which will allow you to perform reverse engineering in a database and update the current model with the imported schema. 

About the request to scan dfm's for outdated fonts, I'm not sure I did understand it? Can you clarify?

About the dfm's: some labels have a times new roman font, the rest has cleartype fonts:
- table properties, tab fields: 'Field name' and 'Caption'
- table properties, tab indexes: 'Index name'
- table properties, tab triggers: 'Trigger name'
- Domains-windows contains lots of non-cleartype texts
- Manage project versions ...

Best regards,

Hugo Logmans

Got it. Thanks for the feedback, will revise.