Request for DataModeler


It would be nice to have a option so we can share tables between projects(For example to copy one table from one project to another).

It this possible to add this in a update?

Thanks in Advance,

Omar Zelaya

Not sure if you mean "share" or "copy"? Like, if you update a table, you would like to see changes reflected in all projects? I don't think this is feasible with current setup.

Hi Wagner,

The correct word is copy.(For example a have project A with table T1, and I dont want to reenter this table filed by field on project B, just copy T1 from project A and then paste it into project B).

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

We might consider it in a future version, yes. Not sure how you would expect foreign keys to be handled, though?

Hi Wagner,

At first would be to just copy the fields of the table(s) selected. Would be nice that if you are copying more that one table at a time, and those tables selected have relationships between them..copy them as well, if there is a table on the selection that doesnt have a relations between the selected tables...delete them and just copy the fields)

For example... At the moment I have develop a framework that requires the existences of 10 tables in adittion to new tables requiered by the specific needs of the customer, right now...I have to retype this requiered tables on every new DB project(and recreate their relationships)...create relations take less time to add then retype the entire table...rigth after the retype....I have to recreate the relations,With the copy/paste function...I would save a lot of time...Even if it just copies the table(s) with no relations.

the copy and paste funtion should work between open projects and witihin the same project, some times DB projects have very similar tables.

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

Hi Omar, ok understood.

But there are workarounds. You could for example create a separate database with the "common" tables, and then just import that database whenever you want to start a new project. Or even create a template project with the shared tables in it. Since the tables won't be shared anyway, I don't see why a copy/paste would be much better than this solution. Of course by copy/paste you can paste into an existing project, but you could already be using this solution without having to recreate all tables manually every time.

Hi to all.

copy and paste tables from different projects would be a nice future to have.
Of course would be better with relationships but only table could be ok too.

The workaround you said of course could not work if you have two prepared projects to merge,
Talking about merge I was surprise that the merge option does not do it.
I mean, it recognize difference and create SQL why not act directly to the Data Model Project?!

Many thanks in Advance