Omissions in Datamodeller

I tried the new Datamodeller 3.0 today and it has a lot of promising new possibilities.
But there are 2 things I still miss:
possibility to see the mappings in the "Export to Aurelius classes"
view in alphabetical order. We now have about 175 tables in one of our
projects and it sometimes takes a lot of searching to find the right
one. New tables are added at the bottom, regardless of their name, and I
can't change the order. Automatic saving in alphabetical order when
saving the project is also ok.

A better sequence in the SQL
when generating a script for the database. For instance Trigger
Functions have to be declared before they can be used in a Trigger. Now
the Triggers are created before the Functions, what obviously results in
an Error.

Hello Ronald,

1. Fair enough. Next release will have the list sorted. But note that until there you can find the table you want using Shift+Ctrl+F. This will open a search box for you to search the table you want.

2. The problem is when there are interdependencies. Triggers depends on procedures and vice-versa. Is this a regression or have always been like this? You could send an e-mail through support sending your specific project so we can take a look at it. 

Thank you Wagner.
Problem 2 occurred with version 2 of the Data modeller as well, when using PostgreSQL.
I will make a nice example and send it to support somewhere next week.