Suggestions for Next Version

I have been working with Data Modeller for a new project even though I have owned the product for a few years.

I would make a few suggestions

  1. A way of easily editing/cleaning up existing import from database connections used while reverse engineering a database.
  2. Import/Export from Spread sheet - when reverse engineering an existing database issues arise when dealing with legacy naming conventions, captions that differ from physical names etc.   The ability to dump to a standard xcell workbook, make a series of changes and then re-import it back into a project would make the tool far more useful.
  3. Project explorer --> few projects depend upon a flat design approach.   You may group your SQL objects under schema/name-spaces/users/operational tasks and even further sub-divide those actions by the database/instance those objects are on or even the servers/cluster that houses the work.    All of this could be easily shown with a user defined tree structure where you can move items up or down the tree or define new tree nodes to organize your work as it is needed.    This would help with projects with a great number of diagrams as well as re-factoring data structures (having your existing data structure on one branch of the tree while another branch holds the target structure).   It would even aid in separating physical and logical designs.
  4. New database graphical elements such as views, triggers, stored procedures etc., so that you can graphically show the various metadata dependencies and process flow within the diagrams.
  5. Pseudo result set/diagram data - many design elements and business rules have stored procedures and triggers check for values within the database - it would be good to be able to show these values in a grid on the diagram and perhaps have the grids generate insert statements within the output script.   It would also help in documenting the design for inclusion in a larger documentation set.
  6. New diagram graphical elements such as page borders, diagram legend, pictures etc to help make the programs output match with a larger set of documentation.
  7. Elements to work with security permissions such as creation/documentation of Roles and Grants.
  8. Make a 64bit version available as there are issues with memory with large complex projects with the current version.

Best regards


Hi Dalton,

Thank you for your feedback.
"A way of easily editing/cleaning up existing import from database connections used while reverse engineering a database."
Can you explain better?
About the spread sheet import, it will probably be covered by a scripting system which will allow you to manipulate the object data model through script.
About the other suggestions, they are interested and will be considered for future versions.

Hi Wagner,

To clarify the need : 

When creating a new project using the "Import From Database" wizard, you have a drop down list of existing projects.
Currently I have a number of exiting connections that where only for temporary use but there is no method of cleaning them up and removing connections I no longer want to scroll through.

Another suggestion - making the project reside within a database with the ability to either auto-save or manually save your changes.  In this way, you could have multiple people working on the same project and viewing each others changes.   It also allows you to maintain version history via the database.     Having the data in a database would also allow users to directly manipulate the information, taking care of some of the scripting issues as a database is far easier to work with than either a custom script language or an excel spreadsheet.


you can remove the saved connections using the option Tools | Connections in the ribbon toolbar. There you can remove the connections. Also, be aware that when importing a database, you don't need to save the connection, you can uncheck the option "Save connection settings" at the end of import, so the connection settings are not saved.

Thanks for catching that Wagner