Question about TAdvDateTimePicker


I find the TAdvDateTimePicker a good component for DateTime Input, but there is one drawback, I could not find a workaround for that.
It is not possible to clear the datetime, to have the possibility to have no date entered.
I need a component, that allows me to enter a valid date and time and also allows me to clear the field so that no date and/or time is entered.

Is there a way to do that with TAdvDateTimePicker or is there another component that is similar to TAdvDateTimePicker and can do that?

Kind regards

TPlannerDatePicker works well for blank dates. But I don't see a way to have it show the time as well. I have used a separate control to handle time.

Thanks for your answer. I allready found another solution. I use a TAdvMaskedit for Date and another for Time. Maybe I will take a look at the TAdvDateTimePicker later and make an own component based on it, where I build in trhe ability to clear the date. Just wanted to ask if there is a build in functionallity befor building something that's allready there.