Error: TAdvControlDropDown with Frame as Control


I am using a TAdvControlDropDown with a TFrame descendant as the control. The frame contains a TPlannerMaskDatePicker. 
Now when a user clicks on the TAdvControlDropDown, the frame is displayed. If the user then clicks on the TPlannerMaskDatePicker, the Calender is shown and has focus but the TAdvControlDropDown drops up and the frame is hidden, leaving the Calender shown and focused.
So the user can select a date but the frame is no longer shown.

Can I do sth. to avoid the TAdvControlDropDown from dropping up in that case or do I need to wait for a fix?


This specific combination is currently problematic. The issue here is that the TPlannerMaskDatePicker is making its dropdown the active window while changing the active window triggers that the dropdown closes. There isn't an easy solution for this (as you'd still need to handle changing of active window to close the dropdown when you'd click outside the dropdown). We'll need to investigate if this can be something technically be handled.

ok, I don't need to specifically use TPlannerMaskDatePicker. I need some kind of DateTimePicker which is able to handle somehow an empty field (not using 01.01.1899). Can you suggest one of yours in the component pack?

The other controls that have a dropdown part to pick a value from will remain problematic as this dropdown changes the active window.