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One of the database column in my TDBAdvGrid is of type Date and I defined the property Editor=edDateEdit for the appropriate TDBGridColumnItem.

The point is, that this datefield can be empty (Null) which means that the Task has no Enddate and is still active forever. If the user now makes a mistake an enter a date, he is unable to clear it afterwards. It seems if you entered once a date the inline editor requires always a date. Is there a way to solve this behavior because it's not very user friendly.

I still use Version

Thanks for any Input or idea.

Regards, Thomas

The default date editor doesn't have an option to input a blank date. It is the standard Windows/VCL TDateTimePicker that is used. You can use a custom inplace date picker editor that does have the capability to enter a blank date by using the TFormControlEditLink as explained in 
Our TPlannerDatePicker allows entry to blank dates for example when you set AllowNumericNullValue = true.

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your answer. The EditLink Component is still only for 32Bit?! However, I try the way to place a calendarcomponent in grid and show it, when the OnDrawCell - Event is fired. My next problem now is hiding the component. In Standardgrid you can do this when you leave the cell (OnColExit - Event) but I cant find such an event in TDBAdvGrid. Which is the event I have to use?


The EditLink component can be used for 64bit as well. I see it was just not marked for it for the component palette and I have fixed this now. In the next update this will be addressed.
For the calendar component in the cell, I'm not sure what exactly you try to achieve. Can you please provide more details about this?

Yeap, it works with the EditLink component.
The idea with the calendar omponent comes from here:

But im happy with the EditLink component.

Regards, Thomas