Project organization question for WebCore VSC Projects


we have a project which consists of a backend part and a frontend part. Everything is developed using VSC. In the main folder we have some general files, we have a doc subfolder with documentation, a backend subfolder with the stuff for the backend (some nodejs code - not a WebCore project) and a frontend folder which contains a WebCore project.

A developer usually does changes in both, backend and frontend and it's nice to open VSC with the top folder, so all files are simply accessible. Everything is version controlled by git starting from this top folder.

Since the WebCore Plugin works nicely if a user opens the frontend folder with a VSC instance, everything is working fine. But that way a developer needs to have 2 VSC instances open, one to see the whole project (backend, frontend and doc) and one to work on the frontend part with the frontend folder as the opened root folder because if we open the main project root, VSC doesn't recognize that there is a WebCore project in a sub folder automatically.

Is there a suggested way which would enable a developer to open VSC with the root folder of the whole project instead of working with multiple simultaneously opened VSC instances?
Should we move the dpr and dproj files to the main root and let them reference the frontend project subfolder with the other source files? Or is it better to somehow configure and tell the VSC Plugin that there's a WebCore Project, contained in a frontend subfolder and if so, how?

Kind regards

Yes, the way you describe is the way you should be working now. In VSC there is the concept of workspaces, which is similar to the concept of project groups in RAD Studio. We still don't provide support for it, but it's on the roadmap. Once that is implemented you could have a singled VSC instance and unlimited projects in which you could work at the same time.