Problem installing 5.6 - And solution

Over the last few days I've spent so much time trying to Install VCL Component Pack 5.6

Completely remove pack, check there's no leftover .bpls, etc

Install. Start Delphi 2009 and no TMS Components show up. No Banner appears during startup. I check Installed Components and they're listed but Disabled.

In shear frustration tonight, I uninstalled, searched for anything left over (None Found) and then used regedit to search the Registry. Searched for TMSD2009. Deleted anything that came up to do with TMS.

Installed agin, started Delphi 2009 and there it was. Everything worked.

Can't explain it but it worked. Hope this note helps someone else. And Bruno, perhaps there's a 'gotcha' in the Install that's been mised.


The installer compiles all BPL, DCP and DCU files and extracts them in the correct folders in the installation directory.

Somehow, during development, recompilation, or due to old versions installed, Delphi generates new BPL files on a different location that interfere with the current installation. 

We are currently investigating if we can improve the installer to determine if there are old versions installed and eventually remove them if necessary.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Also, please check installation on Turbo C++ Professional 2006. Setup cannot compile packages after copying files (compiler not found).


You'll need to install the command line compiler pack for Turbo editions. The installer needs the command line compiler.

I'm also having problems installing TMS Component Pack Pro for Delphi 7 (5.06 and 5.07). I have uninstalled Component Pack Pro completely and cleaned out the registry, however after the install the BPL and Delphi7 folders are empty and the packages are disabled.

.I can see the compilation take place during the install but the bpl's are nowhere to be found.
Laurence Bevan

If there are still install issues like this, please contact us by direct email and send the INSTALL.LOG file that was generated under \My Documents so we can inspect it.