updating Components

Hello Support,

I am in teh process if updating my componnants, I use both RIO & D2007 (for older applications).
After updating the VCL UI, when start D2007, I am getting the following error:
"Can't load package C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS VCL UI Pack\bpl\TMSVCLUIPackPkgExD2007.bpl. The Specified module could not be found......."
The VCL UP pack installed OK for D2007.

Any advice?

Thank you

David UK

Did you properly uninstall the previous version, checked if all references are removed? The setup should automatically install for all detected IDEs

Hello Pieter,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I am using the Subscription manager, which prompted for uninstall, which looked to through OK.
I did not check if all references has been removed.
The install looked to install fro all IDE and also compile for those IDE OK.

What referenced should I check for?
I will uninstall again, but manually check for any references

Many thanks

Maybe, there was a trial version installed before, or an older version that was not being installed via subscription manager and therefore had older versions lingering around that interfered with the installation process

i have the same problem. There was an older version installed but via subscription manager.