Problem with TTMSFNCRichEditor and Hyperlink

The Problem:
In the Editor I have a hyperlink and text.
In "OnClickHyperlink" I call a modal form.
I close the modal form (and come back to the next line in my OnClickHyperlink" prodedure).
And now the problem, the mouse focus is in a text selection within the Editor.
For example:

  • the mainform titlebar has no "MouseOver"
  • if I click, I get a selection from the hyperlink to the click position

I think there is a "MouseDown"-Status active.

Quick solution:
Set property "AllowSelection" to false

But I want allow selections..

If it is a bug (for the next release), do you have a quick and dirty solution, what I can call or set after the "ModalFormCall" comes back?

Thank you


Thanks for reporting.
We could trace & solve this issue. The next update will address this.