TAdvRichEditor Hint issue


I'm using the Hint property to show the hyperlink to the user (I think it's better than click the link to check where it goes) and I've found what it seems a weird and unexpected behaviour. Here's the step by step guide to reproduce it

  1. Drop a TAdvRichEditor and turn on its ShowHint property

  2. Write some text, select a word (or phrase) and insert an hyperlink with SetSelectionHyperlink(). Also use SetSelectionHint() to assign its Hint to the Url too.

  3. Move the mouse pointer over the link (the underlined word / phrase). The mouse pointer will change to crHandPoint and the Hint will popup after a second or so. Cool.

  4. Move the mouse pointer outside the word and move again over the word. The cursor changes again to crHandPoint but NO Hint popup. In fact, it will not popup again unless you move the mouse pointer outside the TAdvRichEditor component or click over any area of the TAdvRichEditor with the mouse.

Should it work this way?


Thanks for reporting. We traced & solved this issue. Next update will address this.