Issue in TTMSFNCRichEditorFormatToolBar

I would like to signal issue of TTMSFNCRichEditorFormatToolBar component (actual version).
When options (visibility of controls "Font Name"; "Font SIze", etc...) are setted at deisign time, all works.
But, if project i saved and edited again, controls appears in exact contrary logic of checkbox in Object Inspector.
That is: if "Font Name" in de-selected, it appears on control in form, if selected it don't appears.
At runtime all works fine again, but at design time this behavior is is very annoy annoying.
There is some workoround for fix it?
Thank you very much.

We have traced and solved this issue, next version of TMS FNC UI Pack will address this. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you!!! For everything else, the new component appears to be very performing.