problem with DBAdvGrid and edMemoDropDown

Having a weird problem with dbadvgrid and a column with editor = edMemoDropDown.
It happens when I edit a column value that has 1 line, and this line equals the first line of another record I've also just edited the same memo column.

For example: I edit/post a memodropdown value:

First Line

Then I edit another record with the values:

First Line
Second Line

If I go back and open the inplace editor for that first record that has only 1 line, it copies

First Line
Second Line

just like it has done some sort of incremental lookup.

It's happening only when the value has 1 line, and case-sensitive. If I have the value first line , with no capitals, it doesn't copy the 2 line cell content.

I use HideInplaceEdit in BeforePost and when cancelling edits.
The grid has Lookup = False, I also tried setting the column UseLookupEditor = false too. No changes.

It happens even when I'm not editing/posting at all. Just by browsing and opening the 2-or-more-lines cell editor and then opening the 1-line cell editor makes it happen.

Problem with edMemoDropDown - Video

Thanks for reporting.
We could trace & solve this issue. The next update will address this.


By the way, couldn't you review the topic I posted on Sat/29?
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It is on my todolist. My brain has one thread only.

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