DBAdvGrid Argument Type Error when last column is ReadOnly

It's firing an Argument Type Error using DBAdvGrid, when the last column is ReadOnly after I press after editing the last editable column.

The Grid is editable, with AdvanceSkipReadOnlyCells, AdvanceOnEnter.
The same if I put ReadOnly=False and Editor = edNone for this last cell.
It's a normal cell, no controls, just text, from a dataset's TStringField (which is not readonly).

Tested in ADOEditing demo with adding code

  dbadvgrid1.Columns[dbadvgrid1.ColCount - 1].ReadOnly := true;
  dbadvgrid1.Navigation.AdvanceOnEnter := true;
  dbadvgrid1.Navigation.AdvanceSkipReadOnlyCells := true;

to the form's OnCreate event and no error can be seen.

I've paste this code to OnCrete, and then I just edit the country in the first row an press ENTER, and I get the error.
Sorry, It's Argument out of range, and I created the topic with Argument Type Error.

I cannot see this issue here.
We plan to release shortly, so I suggest to first check with this latest release

VCL UI Pack version, and the same problem still persists.

When advancing with ENTER, if the last column is read-only, I still get Argument is out of range.
EditPostMode = epRow, AdvanceOnEnter, AdvanceSkipReadOnlyCells, SkipReadOnlyCells, SkipFixedCells

There's something else I noticed (maybe for another topic): while insterting a new record, it advances with ENTER, but it does not while editting an existing record.

Sending a test project, and a video of the error.
It uses Aurelius Dataset and connects to a live mysql database table. It's quite similar to my production structure.
DbAdvGridAdvanceTest.zip (32.3 KB)

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZLKvlQzbXsh-EXQuCVW8-REMYU-vJw0q/view?usp=sharing

Your app isn't starting:

Sorry, it remained with a Firedac database name that is not in use. I'll delete it and upload again.

Uploading the test project again... :point_down:t2:

DbAdvGridAdvanceTest.zip (32.6 KB)

It's not using ConnectionDefName anymore.

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZLKvlQzbXsh-EXQuCVW8-REMYU-vJw0q/view?usp=sharing

This is still not working. We do not have mySQL installed on test machines
Please use a TClientDataSet for submitting test project so there are not a myriad of dependencies.

Now there's no MySQL, no Aurelius.
Just a FDMemTable;

DbAdvGridAdvanceTest.zip (32.3 KB)

I also noticed that when we change the numeric field's value by clicking the spin-editor arrows, the value is lost when we click the Post button without previously pressing ENTER on the cell.

We could now trace & solve this. The next update will address this.