TAdvColumnGrid Column Filters not working

Column filtering through the columns' Filter stringlist property is not working.
Debugging the grid's OnFilterSelect event I noticed that FilterCondition had always the same value of FriendlyName.

Looking deeper I ended on FilterSelect procedure of AdvCGrid.pas . It makes a call to a GetFilter function, that loads all column filters to the FilterList property. This property ends with all filter display names, but not the filter conditions, so, 4 lines ahead when it checks for the existence of a filter condition (AdvCGrid.pas, line 2009: [ if Pos('=',F) > 0 then] ) , it'll always be false .

I solved it by replacing the use of the FilterList property directly by the column Filter StringList property:

//      F := FilterList.Strings[ItemIndex]; { Original code }
      F := FColumnCollection.Items[FilterColumn].Filter.Strings[ItemIndex]; {new code }

Could you please verify that?
To reproduce this you can use acg1.dpr , then try to apply any of the filters, such as BMW Only . You'll see the OnFilterSelect will fire with FriendlyName = 'BMW Only' and FilterCondition = 'BMW Only' .

We investigated this and we could reproduce this.
The suggested change is a working solution and is indeed needed due to a change in the base class TAdvStringGrid.
This change will be applied in the next TMS VCL UI Pack update.