TADVStringgrid and edComboList Issues

I have an odd problem in one of our big ugly programs. 10+ year project.

Ive put this off for a year since I ran into it, but need to really upgrade TMS components over all
so this project can be using the latest and greatest.

When using the edComboList, it seems values are populated from else where.

In my screen shot here. I just used A combobox. Only options in it are single letter values.

But when I got done selecting the item from the combo, sometimes, NOT always, a different value
from else where in the grid will populate.

In this case here, "FENDER-L" shows up! FENDER-L is in a totally static cell. ( not editable )
And in this case that column is hidden also.

I have a number of places in our program that do this.

If I switch back to the OLD version of of TADVStringGrid, things work well again.

Using versions sometime after this, the problems described occur.

Not 100% sure why yet.

Using the latest component set as of today to try this out again.

This happened in Delphi 11 and Delphi 10.2.3.

For Delphi 10.2.3, as mentioned, when I roll back TMS components to A much older version, problem goes away.

My only take right now is

procedure TAdvStringGrid.WMLButtonDown(var Msg: TWMLButtonDown);

This procedure between old and new is WAY different. LOTS of changes.

And issue appears only on grids where hidden columns and columns being re-arranged.

On static grids where state of the grids layout doesn't allow use to change things, SEEMS ok.

Can you please try to isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this.
There are so many settings in the grid that can affect this as well as grid event handler code that without these details, we cannot really guess what exactly is going on.

gridTest1.zip (2.5 KB)

Here is A small Demo I made.

2 columns are hidden and DirectEdit is enabled.

Click on "Col5" cells to get drop down and will see that most of the time when choosing an
item, it will show something else in the end. ( values from hidden columns in this case )

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Got latest update, but now something else is happening that is odd.

We have our own TEditLink object that now blows up with access violations.
If I roll back to previous version, the TEditLink AV error goes away but the original bug of this log happens.

Will dig some more.

Putting break points in, I can still see some odd text plopping around the grid in our main program, so will see if can break things in the small demo app and so on.

The text I typed in / edited in the first row in Col2,11,5,6) can see where it starts to duplicate.

Still seeing an odd text duplication error, but this time around when using my own TEditLink.

Now... my code COULD be wrong... has before. But we've been using it for a number of years.
And we don't see this error happen in the older TMS updates.

gridTest2.zip (8.6 KB)

Attached is update demo with our TEditLink and such.

We could trace & solve this issue.
The 2nd issue was the result of a not correct fix for the first issue.
We now double-checked issue 1 and issue 2 and both are fixed.