DBAdvGrid + DBAdv(Glow)Navigator/Post + edComboEdit/edComboList - erroneous behaviour

Please refer to topic https://support.tmssoftware.com/t/dbadvgrid/13016 DBAdvGrid .

There were some issues with that were solved in version, but now I have similar issues with EditorType edComboEdit & edComboList on Post operations. (now using latest version -

If inplace editor is active and you press the dbnavigator Post , you get unexpected behaviour.
It doesn't work well unless you press ENTER in the cell before pressing Post in the navigator.
I also had distinct results with design-time created grid column vs runtime created column.

For a design-time created column, it posted the change on the first click, but navigator buttons states were not updated. Looked like having pending updates.
Video: IDE created column edComboList issue

For a runtime created column, it doesn't post the changes neither update navigator buttons state, and brings back the original value to the cell.
Video: Dynamically created column edComboList issue

Anyway, there's still something missing when an inplace editor is still active and you try to use navigator actions before forcing it to loose focus.

(The grid has PageMode, epRow, nonsequenced, RefreshOnInsert, RefreshOnDelete, AllowInsert/DeleteRows, AdvanceInsert=False, AdvanceOnEnter, adLeftRightInRow).

The DBNavigator buttons are not taking away the focus from the grid and this way, the grid cannot know it should stop editing (and post its edited value to the DB field).
You can solve this by calling Grid.HideInplaceEdit from the dataset.BeforePost event.

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