Problem with apple-touch-icon

Hi Bruno,

i try to run your PWA example on my IIS and get problems with the desktop icon on
my ipad with ios 14.3

In Safari i start Then i add this
app to home screen. Everything is running well and i see the TMS logo with the green dot on my desktop.

Now i compile your example and copy all files to my IIS (runs on
In Safari i now start and get the same calculator app and the app runs ok. But when i try to add this app to home screen i do not see the TMS logo but a dummy screenshot icon.

Why ?

Best regards

Did you deploy all files to your IIS server, i.e. all icon files & manifest.json file?

Den Inhalt des kompletten Ordners habe ich kopiert:
Dieser enthält folgende Files:

digital regular.ttf

I cannot inspect this from here as this appears a local IP address.
Are you sure you use this local IP address from a correct working HTTPS enabled server?
I suggest to use the Chrome Lighthouse tool to inspect if everything is OK with your PWA.

Hi Bruno,

i did not change anything in your PWA example (except StartURL) and copied all files to the Rootdir
for port 443 in the IIS (runs on

See index.html and TMS Options:

Running Lighthouse tells me there is an unkown error in starting the serviceworker

And apple-touch-icon is still not functional and why is page loading so slow?
I am testing on my LAN.

best regards

Look at serviceworker.js, it is possible there is a questionmark ? in front of the code.
Remove that questionmark. That was a bug that is internally here (and in beta 1.6) already fixed.

No there is no questionmark and i am running beta 1.6.

The serviceworker.js

var CACHE_NAME = "PWACalculator";

self.addEventListener('install', function(event) {
event.waitUntil( {
return cache.addAll(CACHED_URLS);

self.addEventListener('fetch',function(event) {
fetch(event.request).catch(function() {
return caches.match(event.request).then(function(response) {
if (response) {
return response;
} else if (event.request.headers.get("accept").includes("text/html")) {
return caches.match("index.html");

I'm out of ideas, I cannot understand how copying a project can lead to a different behavior.