The browser shows the html text instead of the render, most of the time.

I am using Chrome and trying out PWA. With a basic application it works fine. But with the PWAS, the browser shows the actual html text every time. The only way I can fix it by closing the browser and running again. And then it works, once. Any ideas why ?

We've not received such problem report before.
Can you send the project with which we can reproduce this here?

Hi Bruno,

the supplied demo PWA calculator does it too. This doesnt happen for other TMS projects. Only when they are PWAs.

Just had a look at the Console Log, With the PWA Calculator, whenever it fails the error is

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable)

I tested this like 10 times but I could not reproduce such problem.
The icon is normally set with:
<link rel="icon" href="data:;base64,=">
in the project HTML file.
Do you see this happening on a different browser, different machine?

The icon is there obviously. It is teh demo project. I suspect timing of some sort. It works every time with Brave and Firefox. Which surprised me as Brave is set up to be a little restricted and Firefox is protected to the max. I use different browsers for different purposes. And when I started this, I decided to use Chrome (with no restrictions) for development and it also flushes the cache regularly.

On Chrome, as long as a browser window is open, it always fails. If I close it, it works most of the time. Are there any other logs I can check ?

Maybe you could replace the empty icon reference with an actual icon file that is also available as file in the deployed folder to see if this helps?

On Edge, it works all the time but I see this in Console log

The message port closed before a response was received.

So, I am guessing that there is an issue with timing out because the Port is not free. Since I dont see tis issue with a non PWA launch, does the browser treat the PWA differently somehow ?

Did you try with an actual icon file?
Yes, the browser treats a PWA different, to start with, it runs the service worker.