PWA example

I installed Webcore 1.6.0 and have problems to reproduce your pwa example on my IIS.

  1. runs on both test machines
    an ipad and an android tablet. They run correct in online and offline state (Flightmode=off and on).

2.i compile WebCoreDemos/Basic/PWA/PWACalculator.dproj and move alle files to my IIS machine.

Two problems arise:

  1. This PWACalculator App looks to be different to your calculator example at
    ttps:// Are you sure that these are the same?
    There are optical differences and a different behaviour when starting.the apps the first time
    and installing it to the home screen.

  2. The PWACalculator runs in Online state on ipad and on the android tablet but
    not in offline state (on both machines). I always see the "no internet" message.

  3. "Zum Home Bildschirm hinzufügen" is working in both tablets but in the ipad i always see the
    default icon and not the tms logo .Seems that
    link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="iconresmid.png" is not working correct.

Any idea ?


The calculator demo in the distribution is a bit simplified to not use a TMS FNC component for showing the numbers as 7 segment LEDs. This was done to ensure there was no dependency to other components not included by default in TMS WEB Core.
I'm not aware of different behavior for install.
The app needs to run at least once online so the serviceworker can do its job of caching all needed files. Did you let this happen?
With respect to homescreen icon, is this iPad using the latest iOS version 14.3?