PWA Application / Project options

Making PWA app and when installing it to Android Chrome and Samsung Internet so that app has icon at phone home screen, in app icon appears with both browser small browser icon.

Noticed that in your demo PWA app Calc this small browser icon in app icon is not showed.

PWA app is not getting updated automatically when i add new version to server.

Noticed that in Project options is not "PWA" setting what should be added to true. Other PWA specific settings are in options. Could this have something to do with that small browser icon in apps icon?

I checked the calculator PWA demo here, but the PWA setting is true


It is required that this setting is true and it is also required to set the application icon images under these options.

I don't have this "PWA" setting....and also "Web Project" setting seems also missing.

When this application is compiled, do you see in the output foolder the serviceworker.js file and manifest.json file generated?

Yes, both files are in folder. App is also working with no problems at

Only thing what i have noticed is that it is not regogniced as PWA app in browser.

Started making app with PWA wizard.

Run the lighthouse test, it should tell you where it fails.

Run the lighthouse test, her's result. Problem seems to be with "start_url" or ServiceWorker?

I made new PWA app from scratch with TMS Web wizard, it's also missing PWA setting from project options.

Can confirm I don't have that PWA switch either:

In the PWA Calculator demo, change the start URL to 'index.html'. This appears to be a change in how Lighthouse tests this.

The PWA switch is only in our internal developer version. When you created a new PWA app, internally this will be set to true.

I changed Start URL to index.html in my own app. After that starting app from Delphi with F9 Chrome recogniced app as PWA.

But when i upload all project files to my own server, browser doesn't recognise app as PWA. Run lighthouse again and get exact same errors that are in my earlier post.

Start URL was set earlier to "" so changing start URL to "index.html" doesn't seem to have influence.

So app is working as PWA in Delphi environment but when added to production server, browsers are not recognising it as PWA.

Sure, this isn't a caching issue?

I have cleared browsers cache many times and with four diffrent browsers and in three diffrent machines.

Browser cache can.t be a problem.

Got it working. Noticed that all files, including manifest.json were not latest version at production server. Deleted all files from server and uploaded them there again.


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